Pet Portrait Commissions

I made my first pet embroidery for my mom in 2018, shortly after our beloved family dog, Joey, passed away. At the time, it was just my way of processing the loss with art therapy. In 2020, I started doing this at a more professional level and created these portraits for pet paw-rents! It makes my day when I hear back from clients who tell me I captured their furbabies perfectly.

5" Hoop Cat Embroidery
5" Hoop Cat Embroidery

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5" Hoop Cat Embroidery
5" Hoop Cat Embroidery

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ONE Pet in a hoop:

5" diameter   - $225.00

6" diameter   - $270.00

8" diameter   - $325.00
10" diameter - $400.00

12" diameter - $490.00

TWO Pets in a hoop:

8" diameter    - $410.00

10" diameter  - $485.00

12" diameter  - $575.00

I take commissions for pet portraits, hand-embroidered and lovingly stitched specially for you!

Email me with photographs of your best friend and personalization requests. It is very important to have a high resolution, detailed, close-up or medium-shot photo of your pet, as well as additional high resolution photos for personality and color reference, in order for me to do a good job! 

Additional customization (such as flowers along the border, special fonts, their favorite toy next to their name, etc.) will cost extra. We can discuss how much you want to personalize your special portraits before we finalize your order!


Depending on the level of customization, I will get back to you on the turnaround time. To give you a better idea of how long it takes me to make these -- the 4" (discontinued) and 5" examples in the photographs took 3-4 weeks per piece. The 10" example of "Cookie the Dog" took 4-5 weeks. During busy gift-giving seasons, there will be a waitlist that you will be added to on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

*All prices include embroidery of your pet's name at the bottom and FREE shipping to US and Canada. I will fulfill final orders via my Etsy page

Pomeranian Embroidery

my first embroidery of our family dog, Joey