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Free Cross Stitch Bookmark Pattern!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Happy Monday and May! It's birthday month, woo! I will be expecting special treatment from all my friends and family this month 😆

Cross Stitch Bookmark Pattern

I avoided cross stitch for a long time because I associated it with cheesy "Home Sweet Home" displays or pop culture fan art only. Silly, naive, me... I never looked for the rich history of cross stitch and the crazy detailed patterns.

Something shifted, now I'm addicted! There is something very meditative about counted stitch; it is like paint by numbers! This is different from what I normally do and it makes me happy! I designed the pattern on Stitch Fiddle and am making it available to you, if you would like to join in on the fun! I gave it a very boring name, Bookmark 001, haha. You can turn it into a bookmark if you repeat the pattern once, vertically. I am not one to give advice on how to make the back neat-- I am a chaotic creator. But I would cover the back with another piece of fabric of the same size, or another piece of aida cloth, and sew it to the main piece with a simple running stitch!

Download PDF • 12KB

Download link for this cross stitch pattern.

I just found this beautiful guide to Embroidery styles on the Victoria and Albert Museum website. Thanks to Mary Corbet who shared it in her Needle N' Thread newsletter this morning! So much detail and dimension can be achieved with a cluster of crosses.

Hope I can help share this fun stitching addiction with a few more folks. Please do credit me if you share this online :) I am @art_of_ezdee on Instagram.

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Shreyasi Das


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