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Good Things in 2020

There is no question that 2020 has been a dreadful year for many. As it draws to a close, I wanted to reflect on things that shine from this year. I am so grateful that I was able to keep my full-time job as a computer graphics artist during the pandemic and work from the safety of my home. My heart breaks that this was not the case for a majority of folks out there. I have tried to contribute to charities whenever I could, and I sincerely hope 2021 allows everyone to heal themselves.

In 2020, I got married to this sweet man and now I have a little, goofy, family of 3. We love being able to spend all our time with our senior cat baby, Bibi, as we work from home. We didn't get to have the wedding we planned, but it was a small and lovely ceremony and we had a very excited flower girl cheering us on.

We also welcomed our adorable, rolly-polly little nephew into our world and I'm glad he is in our 'bubble' because I can't imagine surviving the year without squishing his little thighs every month.

Working from home means I was able to start focusing more on my craft and now I have my very own fibre arts website and store! Yay! I hope to gradually move away from Etsy and build my own independent and sustainable business. Fingers crossed!

I will have worked on 5 embroidery commissions by the end of the year and sold 3 other pieces of my art! Baby steps... All from my little apartment.

Also grateful for all the local art studios and schools that have been offering workshops following all safety protocols recently. It was one of the things I sorely missed during lockdown. My husband and I took soap and lotion making classes, a pottery workshop, and I am currently learning to use a 4-harness table loom at Place des Arts in Coquitlam!

I hope everyone stays safe during the holidays. I know it is hard not being able to see your family (I haven't seen my parents in over a year now), but please avoid large gatherings, always wear masks, and remember to treat everyone with kindness.

<3 Shreyasi

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