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January 2021 Artist Newsletter Archive

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

January is always a great time to make new plans and write up our wishes for the new year, even if we can't stick to it. During the holidays, I rested and took oh-so-many naps! As a new year's resolution, I decided to respect the sleepy me instead of resenting not using that time "productively". I have been taking strategic naps ever since I was a child - it is my "flight / freeze" response to big emotions. It is also how I make plans and create ideas -- I get bursts of inspiration in the moments between sleep and wakefulness.

For the past few years, a consistent resolution of mine has been to live sustainably and learn how to protect our environment. Each year, I add to this resolution and I have decided to actively apply this to my art practice as well. This includes:

  • Using recycled / reused / repurposed art materials and shipping supplies

  • Saving left-over materials for future projects

  • Avoiding toxic materials or products that lead to excess waste in the production process

  • Engaging with other environmental artists

  • Supporting and uplifting organizations and businesses that work hard to protect our environment (more on that later)



Experimental Textiles: A Journey Through Design, Interpretation, and Inspiration by Kim Thittichai ---------------------------- Full of wonderful examples of artwork made by the author's students in her experimental textiles courses. The cover photo is an excellent example of art using recycled materials.



Due to COVID-19, many workshops got indefinitely postponed. However, I am lucky that I was allowed to borrow the beautiful Leclerc Dorothy table loom from Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC. What a blessing!

I recently completed the Chlorophyll Trio -- a set of three wall-hangings using a Spot Bronson Lace weaving pattern on the 4-shaft loom. The warp is made of two thin, green, cotton threads while the weft is a single thread of thicker green with a slightly different hue. The orange is quietly variegated too. Very, very subtle, but my heart leaps every time I see the shifts.

That is all for now!

- Shreyasi


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